Space Misfits - Working

The Official Space Misfits Whitepaper - Last Update - June 12, 2021

Space Misfits is a Massive Multiplayer Online Space Game built with blockchain technology. Players known as Orion Misfits embark in their goal to survive in space, build their fleet and seek rewards and riches. Based in the year 2720, this distant future brings conflict between 2 major alliances call the Alliance of Suns and the Coalition of Free Systems. These 2 alliances are engaged in battle which has waged for over 20 years.

The Orion Misfits, who are pirates and scavengers venture out in open space to claim hidden treasures and fortune and seek freedom from an oppressive government. While these Misfits have enjoyed some peace seeking out abandoned

The Orion Misfits

The Misfits are adventurers, explorers and fighters who take advantage of any situation that could potentially lead them to riches. They search across the stars for resources and treasures that could make them a fortune. They are ship builders capable of building massive fleets. These Misfits seeking fortune and freedom from a oppressive government are stepping into the 7 systems that the Alliance of Suns recently abandoned and exploiting this war torn area. These systems are not hospitable and are diffcult to survive in, but great risk comes great rewards and the Orion Misfits know this and are searching these systems for resources and treasures.

Living World

We want Space Misfits to feel like a real living world that changes every day, not just another MMO that has petrified NPC’s in certain places on a map. The game is planned out depending on Seasons with a lore that allows us to dynamically generate multiplayer events that bring players into a unique MMO experience.

There will be a multitude of events a player can enjoy. Some events will rely on Misfits to fight back specific targets while others might be to deliver fuel in convoys to scarce locations. There will be invasions by the alliances where the most powerful Misfits will have to help fend them off. Expansions of new systems will be based on player exploration and continued updates to events will make Space Misfits feel like a living game.